Our interest and commitment is to save you and your clients time as well as money. We are the choice by attorneys who appreciate a high level of customer service. Download our Monthly Agreement and start receiving our value-added services such as customized monthly billing for you and no-hassle registration for your clients.


Customized monthly billing
You receive a promotion code specifically designated for your firm. This allows you to pay for the course for your clients.

It will also allow your clients to bypass the payment screen when registering for the course.

You will receive a monthly invoice at the end of the month for all your clients who took our course.”
Downloadand fill out the attached monthly billing agreement so we can set this up. You can email the agreement back to customerservice @10debtoreducation.com or fax to 877-291-9448.


Got our ePostcard?  Click on the attached to download our ePostcard and simply email it to all your clients!

Your clients will receive the certificate they need for completion of the “debtor education” requirement of the new law enacted by Congress in order to receive their discharge. At the time they register for the course, they will be given the opportunity to input your email address.  At the time they sign up and complete the course, you will be sent an email letting you know that they have signed up and completed. 


We do not sell your clients anything else!  This program was developed with the debtor in mind and provides only what the debtor needs…a course to complete their debtor education requirement to receive their discharge.


Nothing in the new law prohibits a debtor’s attorney from paying for the course.  Accordingly, you can collect the fee from your client and pay for the course if you wish.  However, you cannot receive a fee for referring a client to this course.


This program allows your client several different ways to receive their certificate.  Upon completion, they can choose the following ways to receive their certificate: mailed or emailed (of which can then be downloaded and printed directly from the computer).The course can be taken anywhere with Internet access.  Thus, you can even have your client take the course at your office!


10DebtorEducation, LLC found online at www.10DebtorEducation.com, is approved to issue certificates in compliance evidencing completion of a personal financial management instructional course in compliance with the Bankruptcy Code. Approval does not endorse or assure the quality of the Provider’s services.